Saturday, March 20, 2010

first to bloom

The autumn cherries are in bloom. I had seen one a couple weeks ago in premature bloom, but freezing temperatures put a halt to that. Now all of the autumn cherries are blooming (safely, I hope).

The silver and red maples beat them to it, though. Both of these species have been in bloom for at least ten days.

Red maples have different male and female trees while silver maples are monoecious. These silver maple flowers have long stamens topped with pollen-releasing anthers that bees are already busy exploring.

An early bloom that particularly caught my eye was the snowdrop. I had never seen these before (maybe because I'm from Virginia). I always thought of daffodils and crocuses when it came to spring flowers, but the snowdrop is such a little delight.

There are patches of these all over Green-Wood.


  1. Hi! Jeff told me about your blog and I enjoyed looking through your posts. The storm damage was bad but all in all I think the cemetery held up pretty well compared to Marine Park, which is also in Brooklyn.

  2. these are lovely. i hope your readers are clicking on these images to see them the ay they should be seen.